Saturday, 27 September 2014

Boot Camp!

So, during the summer, I joined a really cool performing arts group, called Freedom Academy, and it's a great saturday school kinda thing, including dance, singing, and drama! Anywaay, so we entered this dance competition, and we got through! Of course, it's not as big as the X Factor or anything, but we just had bootcamp today!! It was brilliant!

(And tbh, I think all the other groups were jealous of our amazballs talents) ;)

But yahh. So the next round is in October so... wish us luck!!

Plus, if u wanna join Freedom Academy, it's 10-1 on a Saturday, I dunno where (trust my places skillz) but just check out the website!


Wasssup Guys!!

Oki, so this is Your Typical Blog. I'm gonna post anything and everything at any time and feel free to comment, or chat, or whateverrr.

So yahh ;3